Jay Bragg


Honky Tonk Dream was inspired by my work in the honky tonks of Lower Broadway in Nashville, TN, where my band and I currently play 5 nights a week when we're not on the road.  My mission night after night is to entertain audiences with a concert of pure country music with a delivery that is rock 'n' roll to the core. 

The biggest challenge being a honky tonk man like me is that you HAVE to figure out a way to wrangle in an audience on a strip of 60 other stages all competing for the same crowd, and to keep them there as long as possible.  And our shows are 4 HOURS LONG without a break!  

Though the band has an arsenal of stagecraft tricks to keep an audience entertained, it is my experience that what draws people in is the realness of the music you are playing - the heart and soul.  Whether it's a cover or a song I wrote, I have to be able to find my story and the story of the moment in the song.  

I write and record to perform the songs on stage.  Honky Tonk Dream is a collection of 8 songs - 7 of which I wrote and co-wrote and 1 cover - that feels and flows as much like one of our shows as you can get on record, albeit a condensed version.  

That's also to say, if you like the record, you're going to REALLY like the show!

- Jay 

Here are a few selections from my previous band North of Nashville.