Jay Bragg


A life of music is all Jay Bragg has ever known.     

The son of a professional singer, Jay’s childhood was filled with pillars of country, rock, rhythm and blues.  Giants like Johnny Cash, Ray Charles and The Rolling Stones along with family sing-a-longs helped mold his style as not only a singer/songwriter but also a passionateentertainer.  

Before moving to Nashville, Jay spent the last decade based out of Maine recording and touring from Bangor to Houston with the classic country band North of Nashville.  The band went on to open for artists like Dierks Bentley, Gary Allan and Chris Stapleton before Jay decided to move on.  

Now based out of Nashville, Jay brings with him a voice and style of country that is steeped in as much Merle Haggard as it is Bruce Springsteen, as much George Strait as it is U2 - and likes to paint on a canvas that takes the best elements of the classics to the party.  

And if he’s learned one thing from the thousands of gigs under his belt, it’s that rhythm is the king and that’s how he approaches his songwriting and performances.  Take one look at the scratches and holes in Jay’s Martin D28 and you’ll understand his dedication to the beat.  

“The Cost” and “She’s My Song” are two new singles Jay has written and released online as he and his band continue to work on his forthcoming debut record as a solo artist.  

Check out jaybragg.com for more.